Sanda Group has been a one of the leading multinational companies that understands customer needs and constructs innovative solution for it. Health and wellness has been its underlying asset and at Sanda, we make the most of our knowledge to cater various industries such as hotels, retreat centre, wellness products, magazines and app innovation. Our companies are based in the UK and India and have a force of over 600 employees.

Our founder began his entrepreneurial journey in the UK with a degree in Pharmacy. He started his own retail pharmacy before venturing into the printing business where he gained considerable experience in marketing and outsourcing. It is through his learning’s, his ambition of wanting to build an organisation that maintains people’s health and wellbeing became tangible. He has been a successful entrepreneur since then and has also won many awards for the same. He was also one of the first Indian to take a company public in UK in the year 1998.

His strength lies in his ability to understand trends and how it may impact the consumer. Through his innate motivation to educate himself in the existing pitfalls of current technology and wellness trends, he has pushed boundaries to bridge the gap between the current technology and wellness trends and consumer’s needs.

We at Sanda, have a warm and goal oriented environment that has helped us achieve our goals in every field we stepped. Some our successful ventures are –